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you do not dispute edward snowden has broken the law, do you? >> no, i think he's very clear about the fact that he did it because his conscience compelled him to do so, just like daniel elseberg did 50 years ago, and admits that he broke the law. the question, though, is how can he be charged with espionage? he didn't work for a foreign government. he could have sold this information for millions of dollars and enrich himself. he did not do that either.
is the american people who have learned the spying apparatus is directed at them. but it isn't edward snowden making the decisions about what is published. he didn't upload the documents to the internet or pass them to adversary governments which is what he could have done, had his motive to harm the united states. he came to two newspapers, "the guardian" and "washington post" and said, i want you to be extremely careful about what it is that you publish and what it is that you don't publish. only publish what americans should know, but don't harm national security. we have withheld the majority of things that he gave us, pursuant
. >> meanwhile, edward snowden's decision to expose u.s. surveillance programs has provoked an international trade dispute. he wants to claim asylum in ecuador. the president of ecuador has accused the united states of trying to blackmail him into handing over this former nsa contractor. president correa says he will not give into washington's threats to cut business ties. >> to grant or deny asylum is an inherent right of a sovereign nation. it is unacceptable to try to demonize a state to accept an asylum request. do not waste her time. ecuador does not accept pressure or threats from anyone, nor does it sell its principles or sovereignty. nor does it submit to trade interests, no matter how important. >> russian authorities say edward snowden remains at a transit zone at a moscow airport. so far no journalist has managed to interview him there. peter sharp joins me from moscow with the latest developments. what do we know about edward snowden's whereabouts? >> we gather he is still ensconced in the terminal and moscow airport. he has been there nearly a week. it will be a week on sunday t
's begin with the breaking news, the man behind the nsa leaks, edward snowden, heading for ecuador. wikileaks helped him get from hong kong to russia today. ecuador's foreign minister tweeted today he requested asylum there and russian leaders say he could stop in cuba. the u.s. is asking them not to let snowden in. the u.s. is telling us they have revoked his passport. president obama has been briefed on thezation. right now it appears snowden may still be in moscow but unclear when that flight will take off. officials here are scrambling to stop snowden any way they can. a source says his passport was revoked. yesterday, we're told the u.s. asked hong kong to detain snowden. now, he's in russia and perhaps on his way to ecuador at some point but unclear how he made that transition from hong kong to jill doherty joining us from washington. what are state department officials saying or any else for that matter how he was able to leave hong kong even though the paperwork had been nevada. the paperwork ne-u.s. sent to hong kong. >> you know, fred, this is moving really really fast. j
, we'll have more on edward snowden on "state of the union" with candy crowley. >>> i'm candy crowley in washington with the breaking news we're following. admitted leaker edward snowden is on the move. he left from hong kong overnight and may now be in the air over russia. we want to go to moscow at this point and bring in cnn's phil black. phil, thanks for joining us. tell us what you know right now about, "a," whether snowden is headed there and where he may be headed to. >> reporter: certainly, candy. i'm at moscow's airport where i understand edward snowden is due to arrive on a flight from hong kong in a little over an hour's time. that's when he's going to arrive here according to the wikileaks organization that has said it assisted him in leaving hong kong, finding asylum in a third country, a democratic country, they said, and they said he's en route to their country via russia and moscow. the question is what will happen to him once he arrives here? is he in contention to stay here? if not, will he transit somewhere else? how long will he be here and so forth? these are thin
but if they want to get you, they will get you in time. >> edward snowden on the run, seeking asylum. he leaked secrets about u.s. surveillance operations and is at the center for growing international mystery. he left hong kong on sunday. he was expected to fly from moscow to cuba today, but journalists aboard the flight say his seat is empty. we will speak with glenn greenwald who broke the stories and to michael ratner, an attorney for wikileaks' julian assange. he is not a fugitive. he will apply for political asylum in other countries. if you think about it, this is obviously a major event. here's a man who is taken on the u.s. and its massive surveillance. >> all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!, democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the exact whereabouts of national security agency whistleblower edward snowden are unknown after he reportedly left hong kong and landed in moscow. russia on sunday. his fight came just days after the united states publicly revealed it had filed espionage charges against snowden for revealing the sweeping domestic spy
edward snowden is on the move. he's in russia and wikileaks, who is helping him, says he is headed to south america. we have reports around the world coming up. >>> one day away from the statements in the george zimmerman murder trial, accused of shooting and killing trayvon martin, coming up, what you can expect to hear in the courtroom. >>> some of paula deen's fans are not giving up on her despite her racial comments. we'll tell you what they're saying. >>> let's start with the breaking news. the man behind the nsa leaks, edward snowden, is heading to c ecuador. the organization helped snowden get from hong kong to russia today. he landed in russia this morning and said he is heading to ecuador and tweeted he has requested asylum there. there are reports snowden will get there by way of cuba, possibly. there is also speculation he might head to venezuela. the u.s. said today it is asking all of those countries not to led snowden in. and a course is telling us that the u.s. has revoked snowden's passport. there are also reports snowden could spend the night in moscow before he g
today is sunday june 23rd. there's breaking news. edward snowden is on the run this hour. the nsa leaker is currently on a flight from hong kong to moscow but that is not his final destination we've learned. where will he go? we have the breaking details for you moments away. >>> then an ar show stunt goes horribly wrong. a wing walker gets killed when too close to the ground. >> white house faces scandal after scandal, what is the president going to focus on this week? climate change. we'll take a closer look at that. fox and friends starts right now. >>> sunday morning on the east coast, we begin with fox news alert, breaking news overnight. nsa leaker edward snowden on the move. the post reported he left hong kong, now on his way to moscow. his final destination a mystery. there's speculation. >> peter on the story live in washington, d.c. good morning, peter, what do you know at this hour? >> reporter: clayton, we know we called the airline edward snowden is using to leave hong kong. they told us a passenger named edward snowden is currently on board flight su 213 from hong ko
, cuba. at seat, 17a, was booked for edward snowden. the admitted nsa leaker. the man wanted by the united states government for violations of the espionage act. it has the doors of aeroflight su150 closed and the plane took off, edward snowden was not on jonboard. a bunch of reporters were onboard. they bought ticket when they heard snowden would be on the flight. he was not. all those reporters had a nice 12-hour flight to havanaen to which there was no booze and no scoop. right now, the most powerful government in the world is looking for edward snowden and right now no one can say for sure where he is. what we do know is that yesterday morning just two days after the united states filed a criminal complaint for edward snowden, charging him with among other things violations of the espionage act, edward snowden got on a plane and left hong kong. now, united states had requested that hong kong arrest snowden and hold him while courts processed an extradition request. the hong kong government's response was, well, possibly the most passive aggressive official government in t
an extradition treaty so only a matter of time before he comes flying home, right? >> edward snowden hopped a flight out of hong kong early this morning our time headed for moscow. >> john: to get a connecting flight to justice town, right? now, you might be asking, how did that happen? we've been told that the u.s. government was in constant contact with hong kong authorities. >> they're back and forth on the phone talking like, do you still know where he is? yes, we still know where he is. all that is going very smoothly up until friday. then first of all they stopped calling back. >> john: yes, you heard right. hong kong simply stopped returning our calls. basically the united states, the most powerful government on earth, was turned into a sad ex-boyfriend. hey, china, it's america. could you call me again? make sure you got our earlier messages and tkses and emails. not sure where you are. in the shower so i thought maybe i missed your call. just checking on that whole extradition thing we talked about. maybe give us a call or don't. it's cool. it's not cool. please do call. it's ameri
>> america's most wanted whistleblower flies and moscow. edward snowden has applied for asylum in ecuador. you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, india in morning -- rescuers say floods have claimed the lives of 6.5 thousand people. the pakistani taliban says they closed nine terrorists at a base camp. killing an allegation of corruption marr the albanian general election. the u.s. security service whistleblower, edward snowden has asked ecuador for asylum. charges on leaking secret surveillance programs. he's now in the russian capital, just as the u.s. step up efforts to extradite him from hong kong. .> catch me if you can right on time, the flight from hong kong touchdown at moscow airport on sunday afternoon with whistleblower, edward snowden, on board. at the terminal, a class injures said he was met on the steps of the aircraft by vehicles with ecuadorian diplomatic plates. snowden, who does not have a russian visa, will remain at the airport and catch a flight on monday morning for cuba. last month, the former contractor for the national security a
>>> where in the world is edward snowden, the man who exposed the government's secret spying program, on the run. we'll have the latest twists and turns and what we know about where he might be hiding. >>> immigration reform a step closer to becoming law. can the president pull off a victory or will house republicans refuse to get on board? >>> pandemonium in d.c. a rare red panda found. how did it go missing in the first place? >> good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john romans. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >> let's begin with a big question. what happened to edward snowden? he's on the run and there's no sign of what his next move might be. we have the latest developments. where in the world is edward snowden? this morning, no one seems to know. he's likely somewhere in the moscow terminal caught in limbo, not technically in russia, but not technically their problem. he is a problem, indeed. he was expected on a flight to havana. as journalists found out, his seat went empty. ecuador may take him in, but have not said whether they will grant
edward snowden is in moscow, heading for ecuador we think. via havana, cuba. we think. nobody really knows where he is except wikileaks and they ain't talkin'. julian assange yesterday held a conference call with reporters. we were on it. where he said that edward snowden is not a traitor. he is not a patriot necessarily. he is a whistle-blower and he just wanted to tell the american people the truth. meanwhile, the supreme court yesterday kind of kicked the can down the road on affirmative action. they didn't say affirmative action was bad. they didn't -- and affirmative action, they said it could continue as long as there's a real tough test before people use affirmative action. we'll tell you all about it right here on current tv. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal, or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i'm given to doing anyway, by staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about poli
the most wanted man in the world. edward snowden is evading u.s. authorities in a game of cat and mouse fleeing hong kong sunday and flying to moscow. after spending the night in russia, snowden is reportedly flying to cuba today and then to venezuela. u.s. lawmakers are not pleased and what him brought back to the u.s. >> what's infuriating here is prime minister putin of russia aiding and abetting snowden's escape. the bottom line is very simple. allies are supposed to treat each other in decent ways and putin always seems almost eager to put a finger in the eye of the united states. >> i want to get him caught and brought back for trial. and i think we need to know exactly what he has. he could have a lot, lot more. it may really put people in jeopardy. >> and joining me live from london with the latest is nbc's annabelle roberts. give us what you know in this where in the world is edward snowden game. >> well, good morning, betty. it was thought that edward snowden would take this flight from moscow to havana, the capital of cuba. but my colleague who was booked on that flight and i
evidently that is my only job. okay. former n.s.a. analyst and current drone bait edward snowden has gone missing, folks. that's right. this computer whiz has hit escape, control-alt-deleted himself and has avoided being caps-locked up, f7. jim? >> man on the run. where is n.s.a. leaker edward snowden headed next. >> the high-stakes game of cat apped mouse reaches a fever pitch as spy whistle-blower edward snowden remains on the run. >> edward snowden says catch me if you can. a global game of hide and seek >> stephen: yes, a global game of hide and seek. why did we agree to count all the way to 100? and has anyone checked behind curtains in the living room? now, folks, nobody knows exactly where snowden might be. so far there's just been a lot of irresponsible speculation and i want in on it which brings me to my now running segment ♪ where in the world is edward snow-diego? ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> stephen: if i get it right, i could win a trip to anywhere in the continental united states. oh, i've always wanted to go to queens. better get my shots. now, for weeks now,
leaker edward snowden's sudden departure out of hong kong is our lead. he's currently in moscow. wikileaks is apparently helping him. he's facing espionage charges for leaking information about the government's surveillance program. cnn has resources around the globe tracking the story . we're tracking down information this hour. let's go first to phil black from the airport in moscow. phil, we know ed snowden is there and we know the ecuadorian government has said he has applied for asylum. what else do you know? >> reporter: that's the latest news, that the ecuadorian government says he has officially applied for asylum. we've seen a lot of activity on the part of diplomats from the ecuadorian embassy here in moscow. we can see and have seen the ecuadorian ambassador's car parked here outside the airport terminal where snowden flew in earlier today and we believe he's in an area only accessible to passengers in transit. and the two of them are meeting there as we speak. john. >> and phil, obviously -- the russian government has not respond in any way to his arrival here. they
. and then julie mason from sirius x.m. p.o.t.u.s. channel will be here as a "friend of bill." and edward snowden is on the run. but first -- >> this is the "full court press." >> here are some other stories making news, last night bill, wire walker nick wallenda made history as he became the first man to tightrope across the grand canyon. in a special that aired live on the discovery channel wallenda took just under 23 minutes to walk 1400 feet across a wire that was suspended 1500 feet above the floor of the canyon. wallenda spent the entire time -- they had a microphone on him and cameras. he spent the whole time talking to jesus and begging and praying. >> bill: he did the right thing because he got to the other side. >> jesus got him across. after the stunt he announced his next big stunt is he wants to talk between two skyscrapers in new york city which is a stunt that's been done before. >> bill: that's been done before. between the twin towers at one point, it is a great -- wired. >> there is a great documentary. man on a wire. >> bill: that's the book and that's the documentary. >> apple
seen around the world. the sudden departure of nsa leaker edward snowden out of hong kong. the shadowy group wikileaks is reporting that snowden has landed in moscow, he is facing espionage charges in the u.s. for leak information about the government's domestic sr. say lance program. cnn has resources deployed across the globe to track the story. we're all over it. so we want to start first by going to cnn's phil black who joins us live from moscow. philadelphia, i have to assume you're outside the airport. what do you know about the whereabouts of snowden? >> reporter: yes, candy, we're still at the airport, one of moscow's two biggest airports here. this is the area where the flight was a couple hours ago and where he has not been seen since. he has not emerged. we believe he is still at this airport. there are various rumors and speculation about what his intentions are. i think it's still logical to assume that he is still air side and he intends to fly to another country at some point in the near future. >> phil black in moscow for us. can you tell us whether anyone on the plane,
, it was a great honor. >> where in the world is edward snowden? he looks for a country to give him asylum. >> the george zimmerman murder trial, a bizarre beginning in the case that's gripped the nation. >> and celebrity chef paula deen takes another big hit after admitting she used racial slurs. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room." >>> the man who stunned the world by leaking secrets about nsa surveillance is now the object of a world wide man hunt. edward snowden has been on the move from moscow, he may have caught a flight to cuba or he may catch the next one. what do we know so far, tom? >> what we know is there is a lot of uncertainty. we know that somewhere out there edward snowden is on the move or at least has been on the move. over the weekend he was definitely in hong kong where he met with some of his advisers there. they talked about possible plans. and he definitely left hong kong to go to moscow over here. how do we know that this happened? we know that this happened because we had witnesses who told us they saw him on the plane, and the russians confirmed th
edward snowden, his future travel plans, they are a big question mark right now. looks like he is interested in equador, but look at these other places. a couple of days ago a businessman from iceland offered him a private plane there. there is venezuela and what about cuba? the u.s. state department sent out a blanket message to every country in the western hemisphere requesting snowden be sent directly to the states if he shows up. most of those potential destinations for edward snowden have something in common. they are openly hostile to the united states or friendly to leakers and whistle-blowers. let's get folks to talk about these possible places snowden might run to. phil doherty, tom fuentes and patrick ottoman in havana, cuba. equador, why would edward snowden find safe haven there? >> well, you have to look at julien essange. there is a natural connection. in fact, he had advised snowden to go to some type of latin american country. relations between the u.s. and ecuador aren't that bad really, except there is that connection and the government, the president of ecuad
." also, president obama finally discusses the nsa liquor edward snowden. the president sounding like a man who is trying to downplay the significance of the crimee even though he has been charged with espionage. >> i am not going to have one case of a suspect who we're trying to extradite suddenly be elevated to the point where i have to start doing wheeling and dealing in trading on a whole host of other issues. this simple way to get a guy extradited said that he can face the justice system here in the united states. now, i get why it is a fascinating story from the press perspective. you know, and i am sure that there will be a made-for-tv movie somewhere down the line. lori: we begin tonight with immigration reform. the next stop for the bill is the house where it faces a chilly reception. >> the house is not going to take up and vote on whenever the senate passes. we're going to do our own bill through regular order and there will be legislation that reflects the role of our majority and the will of the american people. and further in the legislation, including the conference re
that breaking news on the show. you might remember. that edward snowden, the nsa leaker in hiding in hong kong, had been charged with espionage. he was charged with three violations including unauthorized communication of national defense information and willful communication of classified communications and intelligence information to an unauthorized person. each of the three charges they unveiled on friday night carries a possible ten years in prison. the fact that the u.s. made public these charges against edward snowden means that the united states wanted him to be arrested wherever he was in the world, presumably in hong kong which the last place he was known to be. the authorities in hong kong reacted to that news on friday that the united states wanted mr. snowden arrested by saying at first they didn't know where he was. and then yesterday they said, he's gone. mr. edward snowden left hong kong today on his own accord for a third country through a lawful and normal channel. that third country was supposed to be cuba, maybe? edward snowden was initially reported to be going from hong ko
>> today on "face th "face the " breaking news, where in the world is n.s.a. leaker edward snowden. he left hong kong and flew to moscow. >> heading to what supporters say is political asylum, the political whistleblower leaves hong kong. >> big news overnight, edward snowden fled hong kong on a russian commercial airliner and there are reports he may be headed to another communist country. we will get the latest from bob orr, and we'll talk to the head of the senate intelligence committee, dianne feinstein. plus we'll talk about the battle over immigration. tennessee's republican senator bob corker says this: >> we have an opportunity to do something that america needs and that is to solve the immigration issue that we have. >> alabama's republican senator jeff sessions has a different take. >> we all favor a good immigration reform package. this bill is just not it. >> they'll both be here to talk about it and whether house republicans will sign on to any immigration bill. we'll have analysis from susan page of "usa today." gerald seib of the "wall street journal." "time" magazin
. >>> admitted nsa leaker edward snowden is on the run at this hour. looks like he is headed to ecuador. we won't know for sure until he turns up there. for now, we know he left china, is inside russia tonight. we are told the u.s. state department revoked his american passport. our authorities are actively trying to hunt him down. the u.s. is warning other countries now not to let him in. i am harris faulkner. this is the fox report. new details tonight breaking by the hour on this sunday. first about revoking snowden's passport. the state department just a short time ago confirming to fox news the goal is to prevent him from any additional international travel. but tonight he's a fugitive that's definitely been on the move. edward snowden, former contractor for the national security agency who is wanted n honeo on espionage charges. some americans consider him a hero because he told us about the monitoring of phone records through verizon, and potentially other phone companies. others see him as a traitor. our government wanted hong kong to hand him over originally. that did not happen. we f
about where i think he's going. >> leaker on the run. edward snowden, the man who released details about top-secret surveillance programs flees hong kong. where he is this afternoon, how he got there, and how the united states plans to get him back. >>> also, blockbuster week. we're expecting major supreme court rulings on gay marriage, education, and voting rights. also ahead -- >> i'll be fulfilling a life-long dream, a dream that came to me when i was a teenager. little did i know at 34 that dream is about to come true. >> a seventh-generation daredevil will try to cross the grand canyon on a tightrope without a harness. what nic wallenda says is the only thing that can stop him now. >>> first, though, fast-moving developments in the case of nsa leaker edward snowden. we start with nbc's ian williams in hong kong. >> reporter: craig, good day to you. edward snowden had indicated that he wanted to stay in hong kong, and fight extradition, because he saw this as a good legal base. some worried they might defend his rights up to a point. instead of that, he flew out this morning bound fo
wikileaks, which is aiding edward snowden in his move, sort of, around the country, why has wickdy leaks chosen to essentially defy u.s. law to help mr. snoweden? >> let's make it clear first that in my mind mr. snowden is not a fugitive. he is an asylum seeker. he has a right in accordance with international law to seek an asylum and he should be protected in that process. and that's where wikileaks came in. we gave him assistance through our legal team that has for obvious reasons good expertise in extradition laws and international treaties and angles pertaining to that. secondly, we were acting as go-betweens between his legal team and mr. snowden and governments and officials when he was seeking asylum. >> there are extradition treaties, for instance between the united states and hong kong. right? there were legal sort of extradition treaties in place when he was in hong kong. how early in the process did wikileaks become involved? if they helped him leave hong kong and evade the treaties that allow hong kong to send him back here, that's still intervening in legal extradition to th
. edward snowden is heading now for ecuador, according to wikileaks. they helped snowden get to moscow today. ecuador's foreign ministry said that he requested asylum today and there's reports he could make a stop in cuba on the way possibly to ecuador. the u.s. said today it is asking those countries not to let knowden in. and a source tells us that the u.s. revoked snowden's passport. president obama is being briefed on the situation at the white house. so this is becoming quite the diplomatic nightmare for the u.s. china and russia seemingly don't -- don't seem to comply to u.s. requests and are allowing him to move freely. jill dougherty is joining us right now. what's the latest on what you're hearing as to when or if snowden will be taking off from russia? >> reporter: the situation right now, fred, is that he is at the airport and he's apparently in moscow and he apparently is in a hotel. when, in effect, is in legal limbo because he didn't have a visa to come in to russia and now we understand, of course, his passport, u.s. passport, was revoked. so there are many questions as
. >> but putin is not complying with requests from the obama administration to turn edward snowden over to u.s. authorities. that once again raises the question is president obama tough enough to do anything about that? what can we expect to hear from the president? we'll hear from john king and fareed zakaria in a moment. it seems the president is getting criticized by a lot of different quarters, jim. >> that's right. we should point out that president obama is just wrapping up a meeting with top congressional leaders here at the white house. those congressional leaders are making their way out of the white house, we believe, right around now. and as you know, wolf, the president is not just seeing his leverage being tested by members of congress, but also on the world stage where he's not getting much public cooperation in the search for nsa leaker edward snowden, and that has some republicans up on capitol hill questioning his toughness. revealing in a news conference that fugitive nsa leaker edward snowden -- >> he's a free man. the sooner he chooses his destination, the better for us a
of edward snowden the admitted leaks of nsa state secrets. we're live in moscow. >>> nelson mandela's health has deteriorated and become critical. a live update from south africa. >>> the second degree murder trial of george zimmerman in the trayvon martin shooting begins today. >>> plus death-defying moves. the super moon, did you see it? and lebron james cashing in on yet another $7 million a year. does he need it? >>> very good morning. it's nice to see you, i'm veronica de la cruz. he's arguably the most wanted man in the world. edward snowden is evading u.s. authorities in a game of cat and mouse, fleeing hong kong sunday and flying into moscow. after spending the night in russia, snowden is reportedly flying into cuba today and then venezuela. u.s. lawmakers are not pleased. they want him brought back to the u.s. >> what's infuriating here is prime minister putin of russia aiding and abetting snowden's escape. the bottom line is very simple. allies are supposed to treat each other in decent ways. and putin almost seems eager to put a finger in the eye of the united states. >> i want to
snowden was expected to be in seat 17-a. edward black saw no sign of him. at this moment, the question that people around the globe have been asking all day, and most of the weekend still applies. where in the world is the man who leaked the existence of two big american intelligence gathering operations. that and some terribly inconvenient questions as well. who if anyone dropped the ball. was the u.s. played by the chinese? and is it being played by the russians right now? who if anyone dropped the ball. was the u.s. played by the chinese? and is it being played by the russians right now? there's a lot of ground to cover tonight in a saga that could end in a u.s. courtroom or in edward snowden's political asylum. anyway you cut it, this drama is half written. here's how it began. edward snowden acted quickly after he was charged with espionage friday night. the u.s. revoked his passport. he still managed to clear customs and board a flight. >> the decision to allow him to leave has a negative impact on the u.s. >> he spent the night in a russian airport. he never passed through immig
edward snowden flees to moscow. echo dorsett he has asked for asylum. holes close in albania with both sides claiming victory. and brazil beat italy to move into the semifinals while the wave of protests across the country continues. edward snowden has arrived in russia from hong kong where he has been hiding out. ecuador says he has requested asylum. it is being reported the u.s. has revoked snowden's passport in an attempt to stop him from traveling. >> edward snowden is believed to have been on this flight from hong kong which arrived in moscow on sunday afternoon. wikileaks says he was traveling with diplomats who are helping him with his onward journey. amid speculation about his final destination, the ambassador was seen at an airport hotel. the foreign minister later conserve -- confirmed he sought political asylum there. >> we are prepared to accept that petition and make a decision. i can't say what the decision will be, but we will study it thoroughly. >> he fled hong kong after the u.s. sought his extradition. authorities rejected the request on a technicality, but the u.s.
fighting for whistle-blower edward snowden. three days of fighting in the libyan capital. carrying a fashion executive is found in venezuelan waters. we are learning this hour that a new alleged whistle-blower is said to be under investigation in the united states. according to reports, a former high-ranking u.s. general is being investigated for leaking and permission about a sniper attack on iran's nuclear program. the attack in 2010 used a computer virus stuxnet to disable 1000 centrifuges the enrichs were using to uranium. what more are you hearing and reading about this investigation? >> we are talking about the nbc news report and nbc news's are broadcasting partner, about the retired marine corps general james cartwright who used to be the no. 2 person on the joint chiefs of staff from 2007 until 2011, basically the no. 2 in the u.s. military. he was instrumental in the development of the program known as stuxnet, which was designed to interrupt the operation of more than 1000 iranian intrifuges at every actor 2010, i believe. it was a serious problem, not just because it in
to open it. >> developing news, n.s.a. leaker edward snowden remains on the run. the american fugitive was expected to fly from russia to cuba but never showed up for the flight to cuba. >> edward snowden was booked on the flight from russia to cuba today but despite checking in, twice, edward snowden never boarded the flight. the plane pulled away from the gate an associated press reporter sent this picture of edward snowden's empty seat. the former n.s.a. contractor charged with theft and espionage fled hong kong yesterday carrying four laptop reportedly filled with u.s. government secrets. >> i had access to everyone working at n.s.a., the entire intelligence community, offhand, undercover assets. >> officials are concern about russia and china getting their hands on the materials. >> he places hip self above the law and there are very serious simplifications in that. >> the u.s. government is putting pressure on foreign governments to arrest edward snowden and the russian news agency is reporting this morning that the united states asked russia to detain him and officials remain ve
on the show, a landmark u.s. supreme court decision on gay rights. >> edward snowden spends another day at moscow airport as the revelation is causing outrage in germany. >> humiliation for australia's first female prime minister as the demands -- the man she ousted returns to topple her from the top office. >> a major victory for the gay- rights movement, the u.s. supreme court has struck down a law defining marriage marriage as between a man and a woman. >> gay married couples will now receive the same federal benefits as their head of her sexual counterparts. hundreds of gay marriage supporters gathered outside the court to hear the verdict. judges dismissed a second gay marriage case effectively clearing the way for the resumption of same-sex marriage is also in the state of california. >> for the latest on story, we are joined by max hoffman. can you tell us more about this ruling echo >> there are two rulings, as you know. the first has a federal level to it, the defense of marriage act that grants federal benefits also to same-sex marriages. before that, it was only for marriages
>>> i'm chris wallace. breaking news. nsa leaker edward snowden leave hong kong and avoids extradition. plus, immigration picks up steam in the u.s. senate. the deal would mean more patrols, more fences and more money along the southern border. >> we are investing e resources in securing the border that have never been invested before. >> opponents are unmoved. >> as long as they insisted on legalization first before border security the bill won't pass. >> we'll discuss immigration reform and the split inside the gop with a member of the gang of 8, senator lindsey graham and senator mike lee. then the special election in massachusetts, just two days for the vote to fill john kerry's old seat. and political heavy weights on both sides come out in force. we'll speak with former navy seal and businessman gabriel gomez. it's a "fox news sunday" scluf. >>> plus the fed announces plans to wind down the economic stimulus. we'll ask the sunday panel about fear in the financial markets. and our power player of the week. overseeing the only national park for the performing arts. all
it will grant asylum to edward snowden. he is charged with espionage after leaking information about two u.s. surveillance programs. it comes after venezuela said it would can did her -- consider taking him. >> this is the moscow airport edward snowden reportedly flew into on sunday. i a report of the because -- i say that because no one has actually seen him. russian president vladimir putin says snowden is in the transit zone. that would be through the green cost them area, past security, and you come to the transit area. we simply do not know. it is a huge mystery. one thing is certain. the longer he stays here, the more trouble that is going to cause for relation between russia and the united states. putin says is are as he is can concerned, edward snowden is free to leave. grounds to legal expel him even if there is an extradition treaty, and one he could spendd the next 10 years at the transit .rea at a russian airport -- egypt'se president morsi has warned continuing unrest threatens the whole country. he acknowledged making some mistakes. two peoplee left dead and more than 100 inj
for coming on. i have to ask, first couple of questions, where is edward snowden right now? >> as julian assange confirmed this afternoon on the conference call, he's in direct contact with wikileaks. at this stage they're not tis closing where he is. he's in good health. he's in high spirits, we understand. they are not disclosing his whereabouts. >> can you tell me where he would like to go? priority number one? >> i understand, my instructions are, and has been widely reported, that he has now sought asylum from ecuador and has made an application exercising his legal right under international law to seek asylum. ha is now a matter for the ecuadoran government. >> as we mentioned, jennifer, he is facing espionage charges in the u.s. he is the most wanted man right now for his leaks. we just heard secretary of state john kerry basically saying that people could die because of what he has done. so given all of that, in terms of this communication between wikileaks and snowden, can you tell me just what is his demeanor like? how is he doing? >> i'm not in direct contact with mr. snowden
. he reportedly landed in moscow this morning, asking for asylum in africa. >> edward snowden's flight from hong kong to moscow is upping the ante in washington. >>> hong kong allowed snowden to lead as u.s. officials were trying to expedite him. >> i want to get him caught. and brought back for trial. and i think we need to know exactly what he has. >> president obama is getting regular briefing on a man who could be an intelligence gold mine. snowden reportedly requested asylum from cuba and ecudor. >> interest that's are plotting attacks on the united states and our allies have changed the way they operate. we have already seen that. >> edward snowden, who has secrets, that may be passports to treatment. >> we have rain in parts of the bay area. >> this afternoon we picked up a little rain, host of it was very light across the bay area. this was just the beginning, it was enough to give us a couple hundreds of an inch. and san jose, oakland, and san francisco all got a trace of rain so far. you'll notice on the radar a lot of the sift is light and hit and miss. we're not talking abo
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